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Customer Loyalty

Increase lifetime value and customer engagement with a Loyalty or Gamification program. Reward users for any valuable action, from making purchases to reviewing products on site to referring friends to purchase. Integrate Loyalty points, profiles and actions with your existing ESP, CRM, POS or ERP systems to recognize and reward unique customers on all levels.

social Commerce Apps

Social Commerce applications are designed to drive new quality traffic, grow conversion rates, drive regular referrals, and expand your social reach. Social Commerce Apps provide a wide variety of customizable options for adding a functional social layer to your user experience and reaching customers where they spend most of their time online.

Social Login

Social Annex's Social Login goes beyond the competition, designed specifically with eCommerce in mind and ROI focused analytics. Increase conversion rates and order values by as much as 20% by improving the account creation, login and checkout processes while building highly actionable and more complete customer profiles.


Social Contests are designed to have maximum reach and optimal results by running any type of contest from on site sweepstakes to Facebook contests, Pinterest and Instragram contests, photo, video, voting contests and more. Every contest on the Social Annex platform is completely customizable, allowing you to run creative and onbrand contests. Give additional entries for referrals and run contests on site in tandem with social networks. All contests are completely white labeled, ensuring that data collected from Social APIs is 100% owned by you.

Social UGC

Engage customers, facilitate product discovery, and create a real-world shopping experience with Social User Generated Content. Curation and social recommendation tools build brand communities, while identifying top influencers. Connecting loyal customers with shoppers and real-time activity feeds boost consumer confidence and increase conversions.

Customer Loyalty
Grow customer lifetime value

Extend customer relationships beyond the point of sale with revenue focused Customer Loyalty programs that increase lifetime value and create personalized, immersive site experiences. From newsletter sign ups and social referrals to Facebook Likes, the Social Annex API allows you to offer incentives for almost any valuable action.

Loyalty across all channels

Treat loyal customers consistently and reward them whether they purchase instore, online, or connect over the phone. Social Annex's Customer Loyalty program can integrate with your existing ESP, CRM, POS, and ERP systems. Rewards and referral tracking is also visible within your shopper's My Account system.

Next Level Remarketing

Take the effectiveness of your remarketing to a new level with retargeting and marketing automation prompts that reflect each customer's unique loyalty profile. Send special incentives to top referrers and limited time promotions to loyal shoppers who haven't visited in awhile.

Custom loyalty, perfected for your customers

Discover which actions are most valuable and reward customers with special incentives. Flexible Customer Loyalty programs give you more control over the actions of your most valuable shoppers.

Simplify loyalty: Add Social Login

When paired with a Social Login social loyalty actions like referrals, shares, and Social Q&A become seamless one click actions.

Make shopping online fun and dynamic

Gamified reward programs with badges, tiered status, perks, and exclusivity based on omnichannel actions, make your customer's shopping experiences fun, engaging, and habitual.

Best practices and ROI focused reporting from your Social Annex success team will give you what you need to continually increase repeat rates, average order values, peer referrals, and customer lifetime value.

Gamify all channels

Recognize and engage shoppers whether they connect on mobile, instore, onsite, on social networks, within email, or over the phone.

Motivate with public competitions

Display leaderboards for onsite and offsite contests as well as gamified loyalty programs. Top Influencers can see how they rank within their own My Account dashboard to keep them updated and motivated. Integrate Gamification with your ESP to send encouragement and rank updates to customers who are keen on competing.

Incentivize with special promotions

Custom actions and a flexible rewards scheme makes it easy to create limited time offers with special objectives and goals. Run creative gamified promotions to get more shoppers involved and to take engagement with loyal fans to the next level. Make buying goal oriented.

Reward goals and milestones

Recognize shoppers when they have exceeded a spend threshold, brought in a certain number of referrals or have completed selected tasks. Acknowledge goals and milestones to show customer appreciation and see the wonders it does for retention.

Give important customers exclusive privledges

Give customers with different designations special perks, access to limited events, or first dibs on limited production items.

Acknowledge your most valuable and most influential customers to double down on their profitable actions.

Optimize point systems and reward configurations

Pull statistics from your Social Annex dashboard and receive regular custom reports from your client success team. Your success manager will review your results and help you continually optimize your gamified programs, focusing on your most important goals.

All Social Annex gamified programs are white labeled down to the API, so that all of the data you collect is 100% yours.

Increase customer retention tenfold: Add Customer Loyalty

When it comes to customer retention Gamification goes hand in hand with Customer Loyalty.

refer a friend
Quick and easy, no distraction

In order to create a seamless social shopping experience, Refer a Friend is customized to match the look and feel of your site. When paired with Social Login shoppers can refer their friends with just one click.

Reward actions that matter most

Choose exactly what actions qualify referrers for incentives. Reward users just for pinging their friends, when referred friends visit your site, or reward customers who used the Refer a Friend tool only after one of their friends has actually converted; it's completely customizable to fit your needs.

High quality, regular referrals

Refer a Friend programs enable your current shoppers to hand pick their friends who are most likely to be interested in your company or specific products. This sort of peer to peer acquisition is far more effective than even the most targeted PPC or paid placement ads. With incentives, this creates a consistent flow of high quality referrals.

Know the exact value of each referral

Your social analytics dashboard will report which networks are bringing in the most revenue, so you can optimize future strategies to capitalize on your most fruitful networks.

Amp up your customer appreciation with the Top Influencer Report, which identifies customers that are bringing in the most referral revenue, so you can reward your VIP customers.

Drive even more revenue: Add Onsite Contests

Onsite Contests and Share and Win tools both drive qualified traffic and work great with Refer a Friend, facilitating rapid customer acquisition.

ask a friend
Convert undecided visitors

The Ask a Friend tool allows visitors to send a list of products for their friend's opinions through any social network or email. Turn visitors into customers by getting the help of their friends for increased sales and conversions.

Recreate a social experience

Make it easy for shoppers to get instant feedback from friends while they shop online, not just in store, for a trusted shopping experience with best friends no matter where they are.

Attract more customers

Ask a Friend enables word of mouth recommendations to travel faster across social networks. Each share increases your social reach and brand awareness when visitors bring their friends back onsite, driving qualified traffic.

Enhance your shopping experience

Seamless integration and custom designed apps like Ask a Friend complement your site experience. They are white labeled down to the API and designed to match the look and feel of your brand.

Ask a Friend lightens your customer support load, and helps shoppers get trusted answers quickly.

Continue the social conversation: Add Social Wishlist

Get friends sharing and recommending products for each other with the Social Wishlist tool.

share and save
Simple and effective sharing

Give shoppers the ability to share your products with friends across their social networks, reward their advocacy and encourage them and their friends to convert with savings incentives, once their friends click through those shares.

Easily make edits - no waiting necessary

Integrate Share and Save with just one line of asynchronous JavaScript code. When it comes time to change the layout, incentive, or placement of your sharing campaign, simply ask your Social Annex success manager - no more IT queues.

ROI focused analytics

Inform marketing campaigns by identifying your most valuable customers and which networks are the most profitable for your business. Reach your target audience faster and ultimately reduce your cost of acquisition.

Social Traffic Growing Pains? Explore Social Commerce Apps

Discover more ways to increase qualified social traffic and referrals in the Social Commerce Apps suite, with tools like Refer a Friend, Share and Win, and Facebook Like Gating.

share and win
Make your brand go viral

Coveted prizes and easy entry make Share and Win a great way to facilitate viral sharing and bring in new traffic quickly.

Get high quality shares

Give participants additional entries when their friends click back on their shares or when those friends enter your contests. Completely customizable, you can also give shoppers the option to make donations to a worthy cause in exchange for entries.

Choose winners based on impact

You have complete control - Randomly select winners, select sharers who have had the largest influence, select those who have driven the most referral revenue, or reward the ones who have shared the most.

Optimize each campaign

Get best practices from your customer success manager and A/B test to make each Share and Win campaign as effective as possible.

Sharing is caring: Add Pinterest Contests

Quickly create a wave of qualified social traffic from Pinterest with Social Annex's Pinterest Contests tool in the Social Contest suite.

Post purchase sharing
More meaningful shares

Make it easy for new and existing customers to share their purchases with fast and easy sharing on their social network of choice. Incentives like contest entries or discounts on future purchases give them a reason to share your products with their friends.

Seamless and easy

Sharing that is not only fast but also matches the look and feel of your site without detracting from the shopping experience, ensuring that tools which take advantage of customer advocacy are value adds with no downside.

One click sharing

For customers who created an account by using Social Login sharing is accomplished with just one click.

Get higher conversion rates with Refer a Friend

Enable customers to share specifically with their friends who are the most likely to convert with Refer a Friend.

Flash Sales
Get massive exposure quickly

Go viral with enticing viral flash sales that shoppers can share for special incentives - "Get two friends to buy and get this deal for free!"

Rapid engagement around the products of your choice

With immediate exposure to social customers enticing deals quickly go viral, leading to new acquisitions and a meaningful revenue boost from the product(s) in the deal itself, as well as non-featured items.

Deals that are onbrand

Collaborate with your Client Success Manager to design Deals that will have the biggest impact on your bottom line. Once each Deal has been defined your Design Lead will work alongside an Integration Architect to build out and deploy campaigns exactly as you have envisioned them.

Get even more social exposure: Photo/Video Contests

Contests based on user generated content like Photo/Video Contests help create a steady flow of new shoppers.

facebook like gating
Give some, Get some

Offer discounts, contest entries, or Loyalty program points to shoppers who Like your brand. Great incentives to Like your brand will quickly expand your social presence and boost your search ranking .

In addition to Like-Gating, Plus and Follow Gating can be incorporated through Google+ and Twitter.

Build your offsite community

Use gated Likes to grow a community of your shoppers off site. Shoppers who like your brand are more likely to convert, more likely to share your products with friends, and more likely to become loyal brand advocates.

Collect quality data

By connecting with social APIs, gated Likes gather verified email addresses and other granular information to enhance your customer profiles.

Make your social presence known: Add Social Contests

The Social Annex Contests suite focuses on increasing social reach quickly in a viral and engaging way with tools like Facebook Contests, Pinterest Contests, and Instagram Contests.

birthday reminders
Helpful personal notifications

Make sure your shoppers never forget a friend's special day. Encourage customers to discover new products and make purchases with advanced notices and personalized gift recommendations for your customer's friends.

Relevant remarketing

The more consistently you give shoppers personalized experiences through remarketing, the more likely they will be to build strong connections to your brand and become brand advocates.

Time to get personal: Add Social UGC tools

For tools that put a greater emphasis on product discovery explore the Social Annex Social User Generated Content Suite, which contains tools like Products Your Friends Like and Social Curated Products.

social login

Social Login reduces friction by unlocking access to permission-based 1st party data from more than 30 of user's preferred social networks, normalizing unstructured social data into a real-time dashboard with fully exportable data. Reduce the number of account creating steps and pre-fill fields with social data to ultimately increase conversions.

Help repeat customers check out faster by letting them use pre-existing login information, while freeing up technical support to answer more important questions. Social Login enables you to create a more relevant customer experience by creating insightful views of your most valuable social demographics and allowing you to segment customers based on their social attributes, ultimately increasing your bottom line.

How Are We Different?
Commerce Focused Metrics - Track purchase Behaviors & Conversion

We provide metrics, not just about the social data - but also from a commerce-focused perspective including conversion rates, average order values and data to track which social network login partner enables the largest purchases that you can see in one unified dashboard.

Unified Social Platform

Social Login identifies exactly who your shoppers are with verified and actionable information. Carry over this information and permissions to be used by other social initiatives within the Social Annex platform, enabling one click sharing, social loyalty programs, easy contest entries, and more. In one unified platform see from start to finish exactly who your customers have shared with, what loyalty actions they have, what their social attributes are, and how much influence they have had on other shoppers. Get a full 360 degree view of your shoppers, know what motivates them and determine their true value.

Simplify with One API

Social platforms change their API's consistently - many times with little notice to users. If your developers are not keeping an eye on "breaking changes" regularly and focused on making necessary changes quickly, you could end up with a broken social login.

We unify all social API's through a single API - so you don't have to worry about the intricacies of Facebook vs. Google vs. Amazon vs. another social network.If a new social network releases an API, we integrate it quickly and you can turn it on by checking a box.

Automated Integration

Social Annex natively integrates seamlessly with 3rd party systems. Automatically sync social data with your ESP, CRM, POS and ERP and other marketing systems for more actionable customer profiles that are visible and accessible across all levels of interaction. Supercharge marketing and re-marketing efforts with easy access to normalized social graph data.

Social Annex performs automated integration of social data into multiple external systems.Automatically integrate into your ESP and CRM to deliver more relevant product suggestions and to increase conversion rates with highly relevant direct emails.

Easy Authentication

Reduce the friction and bounces caused by long registrations forms with one-click Social Login for authenticated social networks and services.Also dramatically reduce the volume of username and password recovery queries.

100% Secure Data Ownership

Social Login that is White Labeled down to the API level allows you to completely own all of the social data that you collect.

Omni-channel Social Identities

Automatically sync your social data with customer profiles to make the social context of each shopper visible in store, on mobile, online and on your partner sites. Social Annex's Social Login automatically adjusts resolution and orientation for mobile, tablet, and PC to ensure a seamless experience. Easily integrate Social Login with your mobile apps using Social Annex's SDKs to ensure quick implementation. All data collected via mobile apps is consolidated with other channels for a consistent customer profiles.

Top Ten Reasons Why Social Login is Best Left to Social Annex
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single sign on

Enable a seamless shopping experience across your multiple web properties. Reduce password fatigue and provide uninterrupted transition from site to site through Single Sign-On with standard registration systems or with Social Login.

Once a user identifies and authenticates themselves on one of your properties, their user profile will automatically be recognized on all of your other web properties. Single Sign-On comes with out-of-the-box, simple integration with leading e-Commerce platforms, and can be easily implemented on any existing or future domain with an enterprise integration team.

Seamless Transition

Encourage exploration on your other web properties by enabling efficient navigation from one web property to the next with Social Login or Single Sign-on.

Easy Custom Implementation, Fast Deployment

Use Social Sign-On with traditional registration, Social Login or both. Your dedicated implementation team ensures flexible integration.


Social Annex uses best practices for verification and synchronization with existing databases, keeping user's information safe.

Unified User Profiles

Build out highly functioning and enriched user profiles that are universally synced between all of your web properties and your existing systems with data from traditional and Social Login.

Universal Logout

To ensure user trust and data security, Single Sign-on instantly logs users out from all active sites when they click logout from any single web property.

Ease IT Support Strain

Bring down the volume of password recovery queries and free up your IT support team to deal with other internal concerns.

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Onsite Contests
Limitless options

Run any kind of contest, across every platform, anywhere. The Social Annex Contest Suite includes: Photo/Video Uploads, Voting, Pinterest Contests, Facebook, Instagram, Like Gating, and more. The function, layout, and design of each contest can be customized to suit your brand.

Get big results, fast

Social Annex's customizable onsite contests and best practices for incentive structure, cross-promotion, and contest placement ensure that retailers get big results quickly. Onsite contests with Social Annex get thousands to tens of thousands of entries, with an average of 70% participants being new site visitors.

Make it social, go viral

Give contestants additional entries when friends click back on their shares, or when their friends enter the contest. Providing incentives for entrants to drive more qualified traffic to your contests quickly creates virality, increasing brand awareness and boosting new customer acquisition.

Collect social data with every entry

Onsite Contests connect to shopper's social APIs to collect actionable data such as higher quality verified email addresses, Likes and Interests, demographics, location and groups to give you a clear picture of what kind of customers are participating. Automatically integrate this data into your ESP for highly relevant direct email marketing campaigns and smarter segmentation. Completely white labeled contests means that all data collected belongs to you.

Easily edit or let us handle it

You can completely manage your contests with admin access to an easy to use graphical interface, or your Social Annex success team can share best practices and collaborate with you as they build out and launch custom contests suited to your goals.

Run multiple custom contests

Simultaneously run different contests on numerous pages and properties, manage and analyze results for all of them in one powerful dashboard. Easily edit copy and branded elements in the graphical editor for each contest depending on its location, and your target customers for each campaign.

Demonstrate clear outcomes

From entry to purchase and everything in between, Social Annex contests make it easy to see exactly how conversion rates, new customer acquisition, and revenue are affected by each Onsite Contest. Use your customized dashboard to analyze the results of each contest or break contests down to see which customers, and which social networks, brought in the most additional contestants and drove the most ROI.

Take advantage of creative customers with Instagram Contests

Instagram Contests encourage customers to creatively spread your brand.

Facebook Contests
Creative, powerful, and fast social contests run within the Facebook canvas

Grow and get more from your community with fun and creative sweepstakes, Photo, Video, Voting and Like-gating contests. Your customer success team will help you design different contests to accomplish your unique goals. Launch multiple custom contests on different fan pages quickly, with complete creative control. Moderate using curation tools to ensure that every contest and all entries are on brand and highly effective.

Be in control without being bogged down

Fully managed contests can be completely built out and launched by your success team using social campaign best practices, or simply select a template and edit the creative copy and design on the fly with an easy to use graphical editor. Simultaneously manage and access results from different contests running on different pages from one powerful, customized dashboard.

Leverage and grow your social reach

Exciting, customized Facebook contests connect with users who already spend countless hours liking and sharing on Facebook everyday. Quickly grow your fan base by inviting users to Like your page to enter and receive additional entries for sharing the contest with their friends on Facebook. Those who are already fans of your page bypass Liking and go straight to the entry and sharing form.

Go viral on the world's largest social network

Social Annex Facebook Contests make it easy for entrants to share with their like minded friends, and offering additional entries gives them a reason to do so. Facebook contests are designed to go viral and build your social reach quickly.

Turn offsite users into onsite shoppers

Facebook contests can call your fans to action, alert them of special deals, and introduce them and their friends to new products. Facebook contests drive new shoppers and current customers back to your site, increasing new and qualified customer acquisition.

Don't guess at ROI

Only Social Annex Facebook Contests can track who enters on Facebook and who comes back to your site and makes a purchase. Conversion rates for each contest, new customer acquisitions, and total ROI are all available in the Social Annex dashboard as well as in the regular custom reports from your Success Manager.

Mobile and tablet responsive

Social Annex Facebook contests automatically adapt to the context of your fans, keeping things functional and fun regardless of how fans get social with your brand.

Facebook Open Graph data for better marketing

Every entry gathers actionable data from Facebook's Open Graph. Everything from higher quality email addresses, Likes and Interests, demographics, location and groups can be used to better equip your marketing strategy and ultimately provide shoppers with a more personalized and engaging experience with your brand.

Easily integrate entrants into your existing ESP for highly targeted direct email campaigns. Carry actionable social data into your general campaigns to create more meaningful segmentation.

Take it to the next level: Add Like Gating

Increase social reach even more with onsite Like-gating campaigns.

photo & video Contests
Easy, flexible, creative

Shoppers can easily upload photos and videos from their preferred service or desktop, then vote for their favorite entries. Your customer success team will provide you with best practices for promoting each contest and help you decide where to display entries on your site. Run contests as often as you like, easily switch up the theme and how winners are chosen.

Let your shoppers get creative

These contests are designed to let shoppers think outside the box and submit fun and creative entries.

Prominently display user generated photos and videos to help create a vibrant social shopping experience.

Curate and Showcase

Curation tools keep out irrelevant entries and make it easy to identify your most creative contestants. Prominently display galleries on your homepage, as a lightbox, or link from your header to a dedicated landing page. The look, feel, and location of showcases are customized to suite your brand.

Give creative control to your advocates

When your brand's community is able to choose their favorite content by voting, contestants have a reason to share the creativity of fellow community members, and even those who do not upload photos are able to participate and get in on the fun.

Collect great fan generated content

Remarket entries as featured content for future marketing campaigns. Reward creative fans and increase brand awareness.

Leading fraud protection

Best practices and built in solutions for fraud protection ensure that only true winners will be rewarded in voting contests and that no contestant will be able to game the system.

Make changes on the fly

Easily change out copy, images, and make other layout changes with admin access to a powerful graphical user interface. For major functionality changes simply ping your success manager to have your changes implemented quickly.

Continually optimize to maximize outcomes

Your Social Annex customer success team will give you regular updates with custom reports to help ensure that each contest exceeds your goals. Outcome focused analytics reveal the ROI of each contest and help you optimize as you move forward.

Create more engagement: Add Social Login

Enable users to share photos and videos on one of the fastest growing visual social networks.

Pinterest Contests
Visually engage shoppers

A fun visual way for shoppers to easily share what they are interested in and drive traffic back to specific products, quickly inundating the social network that yields one of the largest average referral revenue.

Increase product discovery

Make it easy for shoppers to share and discover your brand on one of the fastest growing social networks. Use this tool to drive traffic back to specific products and increase referral revenue.

Drive traffic that converts

The average Pinterest user follows more than 9 brands and are more likely to convert after clicking through to an eCommerce site. On average referrals from Pinterest that convert spend more than 2x as much as Facebook referrals and almost 3x much as shoppers who originate from Twitter.

Take it to the next level: Add Voting & Gamified Contests

Engage loyal customers and drive user generated content with creative contests.

Instagram Contests
Custom photo contests and sweepstakes

Curate a live stream of user generated photos based on brand or product specific hashtags. Keep fans coming back for more by switching up contest themes and how winners are chosen. Instagram contests give you and your brand advocates a great way to get creative on the visual platform.

Instagram contests and sweepstakes are white labeled down to the API and designed to match the look and feel of your brand.

Instant virality

Capitalize on the fastest growing photo-sharing social network with Instagram contests, designed to engage and grow a loyal fanbase quickly. The ability for shoppers to vote for a winner gives participants a reason to share and makes it fun for everyone to participate.

Generate buzz

Incentivize content creation and sharing to generate buzz with an amazing prize, while giving customers a chance to publicly express their brand affinity in a creative way. Collect and save entries for unique product photos and future promotions.

Nurture a presence on the visual web

Trending user generated photos reveal your brand's biggest advocates on Instagram. Recognize these top influencers and continue to grow engagement on Instagram and onsite.

Add Instagram Curated Products and Galleries

Use Instagram Curated Products and Galleries to add photos of real life users with your homepage and individuals products to help create social and unique shopping experience.

voting & gamification
Get 2x the Engagement

Double up on engagement by having fans not only enter, but come back to vote for the winner. Shoppers will drive more traffic onsite as they share links with friends and families to vote as well.

Build a community of consumers

Voting enables interactions between consumers to help develop a dynamic site experience and foster brand community.

Seamless interaction

With a Gamification program in place, seamlessly add contest features for added engagement and retention.

social q&a
Connect new shoppers with current customers

Make it easy for new shoppers to ask questions and get sincere answers from your loyal customers. Designed specifically to increase conversion rates, Social Q&A, gives shoppers the ability to send questions about specific products to customers who have already made the purchase.

Honest feedback online, in real time

Fast, relevant answers from fellow shoppers provide a higher level of trust and confidence than even the best customer service team. These answers help on the fence shoppers make more informed decisions, on the spot, and ultimately convert more often.

Build a community of advocates

Create a community of advocates by enabling new customers to feel more assured in their decisions, building trust in your products and increasing the likelihood of purchase. With a trusted rapport, customers are more likely to engage, return and become brand ambassadors themselves.

Keep customer support lean and mean

Efficiently divert routine queries to a trusted brand community. The Social Annex Social Q&A is designed to provide lightning fast responses to help free your customer service team up to focus only the most important challenges and issues facing customers.

Archive questions and answers to continually populate a support forum filled with original user generated content. Easily filter and moderate to keep answers qualified and the community reliable.

Motivate customers: Add incentives and Loyalty

Give shoppers more reason to become brand ambassadors with smart incentives and Loyalty programs.

Instagram Curated Products & Galleries
Get discovered by Instagram's 150 million users

Promote and collect photos from Instagram's growing community, almost instantly with a branded hashtag.

Display Instagram streams of specific products, trending images on your homepage, or within Instagram contest voting galleries.

Customer inspired visual commerce

Create a social and visual onsite shopping experience with fan generated product photos and videos.

Collect and showcase photos in live galleries, creating a completely unique way to shop.

Lead with best practices

Work with your Client success and Social media manager for implementing best practices for collecting, curating and showcasing photos from your brand community.

Optimize marketing strategies to extract the maximum value from your fan generated images.

Target customers at the point of sale

Customers who interact with product photos or videos of real people, convert 2-3 times higher.

Galleries can live on specific product pages or on your homepage, and are designed to match the look and feel of your brand.

Drive engagement and product discovery

Shoppers can show themselves interacting with their favorite products and share with friends to instantly drive engagement and product discovery.

Enable shoppers to create and share product galleries of their own for increased social reach.

Identify Trendsetters and Top Influencers

Recognize top influencers and trendsetters in featured galleries. Increase brand loyalty and drive engagement. Shoppers are also able to share and follow galleries for a more personalized shopping experience and a better way to discover new products.

Make more use of the visual web

Pin it To Win it quickly fills Pinterest with images of your most coveted products, bringing droves of qualified shoppers back to your site.

social wishlist
Gift inspiration

Organically increase social reach and recognition as shoppers save and share wishlists of their favorite products with friends and families. Seamlessly integrate into your shopping experience, with customizable lists for specific events, e.g. wedding registry, birthday gifts, christmas presents. Shoppers can share across every social network, leading to product discovery and increased brand awareness.

Reduce cart abandonment

Add to wishlist makes a great second call to action for those finicky shoppers who just aren't ready to check out. Shoppers can save wanted products in a shareable format or for another time.

Attract, Engage, Convert: Add Social Contests

Attract new customers in an engaging and fun way with Social Annex's Social Contest Suite.

social activity feed
Drive product discovery

Display a real-time feed of which products shoppers are liking, sharing and buying to promote product discovery and ultimately increase average order values.

Expand social reach

Showcase customer's social actions and make it easy for new shoppers to get social too. Shoppers can click-through to see who's getting social, view the product being shared, or to share the product themselves on their preferred social network or email.

Increase social interaction

Integrate your social feed with your Facebook page so shoppers onsite and off can see users shop in real-time. Highlight social activity across channels to increase social reach.

Control look, feel, and location

Whether as a dedicated landing page, a pop-up, or integrated into your homepage and product pages, the look, feel and placement of the Social Activity Feed is up to you.

If social reach isn't enough: Add Gamification

Drive interaction with rewards for almost any action, engage customers with Gamification.

facebook expressions
Add a personal touch to your social presence (love, have, own, etc.)

Replace generic "like" buttons with personalized expressions from "love," to "need" to any other verb that best describes an emotion with the product. Enable your shoppers to express themselves in a unique way in a saturated sharing market.

Completely customizable, completely you

Customize your social to reflect your voice, style and brand culture. Ensure all call to actions are on-brand, down to the punctuation.

Stand out from the crowd

This unique social tool enables you to rise above the rest with a more unique social presence and a more fun shopping experience. Varied social expressions make customers more likely to follow your brand and share with their friends.

Take personalization to the next level: Add Birthday Reminders

Send timely reminders to ensure shoppers never forget a friend's birthday with Birthday Reminders.

products your friends like
Similar people like similar products

Help customers discover relevant products by providing personalized product recommendations based off of friend's likes and past purchases.

Products Your Friends Like can appear as a lightbox, landing page, or can be integrated into your existing product pages and homepage for increased product discovery.

Give the Best Friend Stamp of Approval

Build trust and increase conversion rates with personalized recommendations. Nothing sells a product like a trusted friend's stamp of approval.

Smarter targeting

Target specific customers with relevant promotions depending on their common interests and past purchases. Make smart suggestions to encourage product discovery.

Make their shopping experience social: Add Ask a Friend

Further develop a social shopping experience by enabling shoppers to get feedback from friends on social sites in real-time with the Ask a Friend tool.

popular products in your area
Personalize based on locale

Sync in-store and onsite trends with location specific product feeds. Create a multi-channel shopping experience personalized for your customers.

Social Recommendations based on Geo-Targeting

Highlight which products people in specific areas are talking about, sharing, and buying. Target customers in various locations for high context remarketing and promotions. Populate shopper's feeds with relevant products depending on weather and regional happenings.

Identify trending products by area

Attain location-specific data for smarter targeted events and special promotions.

Become a trendsetter: Add Social Trending Feeds

Increase organic product discovery with a Social Trending Feed.

social curated products
Create a real world experience

Allow shoppers to upload personal product photos from various social sites and their desktop to help other consumers visualize your products in real life. Shoppers are more likely to purchase when they see others are using your product and loving it!

Organic product discovery

Social Curation leads to organic product discovery as shoppers scroll through product galleries for a more dynamic shopping experience.

Customized to fit your needs

Showcase user generated photos prominently on your homepage, individual product pages, in shopping carts, or anywhere else on your site - the look, feel and placement is entirely customizable to suit your site.

Personalize product discovery: Add Popular Products Your Friend Likes

Create a personalized product feed to drive product discovery and engagement with Popular Products Your Friends Like.

Designed for eCommerce

See the exact impact ratings and reviews have on conversion rates, average order values, and incremental revenue. Social Annex Ratings and Reviews comes with in depth reporting to clarify outcomes and continuous optimization.

Develop Trust with Shoppers

Multi dimensional reviews allow shoppers and retailers to respond publicly to comments and queries. Shoppers can vote to help highlight the most useful content. Moderation tools make it easy to keep out irrelevant content, and the ability to sort by rating makes it easy for shoppers to find the reviews they are looking for.

Sell with Stories

Put customers in control by allowing them to tell public stories about your brand and products. Letting your shoppers sell for you by sharing their experiences can organically lift conversions on specific products. This effect can be magnified with easy review sharing buttons or by highlighting great customer stories yourself.

Learn from Your Customers

Learn from common comments and questions: What's missing from your product descriptions? What similar products are shoppers looking for? Is a product to unreliable to carry?

Be the Authority

Helpful and honest reviews that go in depth on drawbacks and the greatest benefits of products can increase organic traffic by making you the go-to source for shoppers who are trying to decide what to buy. Quality reviews can grow your market share and keep customers coming back for more.

Review Booster
Enable One Click Reviews

Customers who have signed in with Social Login can write a review or rate a product without additional verification. Shoppers can also share reviews across their social networks with just one click.

Review Catalysts

Social Annex ratings and reviews is designed to get a flood of reviews quickly. Beyond eCommerce best practices for placement, promotion and CTAs ratings and reviews can be worked into gamification or loyalty programs to give your super fans even more reasons to share their opinions on the products they love.

Designed for Mobile

Make it easy for mobile and tablet users to write and respond to reviews and rate the products that they own. Mobile responsiveness means more reviews, more ratings and higher overall engagement.

Custom Display

Fully customize the design and placement of ratings and reviews to stay on-brand and visually engage shoppers. Make ratings and reviews as unique as your site with a custom rating scale from anything like puppy paws to lipsticks, instead of generic stars.

A Gateway to Engagement

Let shoppers rate without writing a review to create a super low barrier to brand community engagement. Integration with social networks allows shoppers to use their existing account credentials or to sign in through their preferred social network. Shoppers can see which friends in their networks have written a review in a general feed or on a product by product basis.

SEO Power

Reviews are optimized to be SEO friendly, giving your most popular products a huge pagerank boost. Best practices and microformats allow top rated reviews, and aggregate reviews, to be displayed directly in Google search results. Use the Ratings and Reviews dashboard to easily create new product reviews and comment categories.

ESP Integration

Full integration with ESPs allows you to reach out to customers the second they purchase a product or the day it arrives. Send an immediate thank you for each approved review or even include a small gift or an incentive to write another.

Custom Review Fields

In addition to basic review questions, easily create custom questions specific to products and your audience. For apparel companies, ask questions like, “Does this fit true to size?” to help your unique shoppers make more informed buying decisions.

Highlight Relevant Reviews on an Individual Basis

Personalize which product reviews shoppers see based on their past activity or their friend's activities. Ratings and Reviews can use data gathered from social APIs by social login to bring up the recent reviews of an individual shopper's friends or reviews from people in their area.

Automated Review Authentication

Leverage shopper's My Account information, as well as social network profiles, to confirm the identity of each reviewer. Automatically mark reviews that are written by confirmed product owners with certified badges to promote authentic, trustworthy reviews.

Multimedia Reviews

Make your reviews visual by making it easy for customers to upload photos, videos, and other media to better communicate their insights.

Showcase Rave Reviews

Use the Ratings and Reviews dashboard to easily curate and display amazing reviews across your marketing channels including social media, onsite, in store, remarketing emails and PPC ads.

Customer Moderation

Customers can easily sort, filter, and organize lists based on score, helpfulness, recency, keyword and more, to help them quickly find exactly what they are looking for.

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